Re:source Schools

We seek to provide an excellent resource to schools in Plymouth and the surrounding area. Our purpose is to help young people in their school context and bring the good news of Jesus to them where appropriate.By supporting young people we hope to bring positive experiences and influences that will help in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We run Christian Unions, lunchtime clubs, assemblies and lessons.

Simon is a qualified youth specialist working with re:source and has a degree in Applied theology with Moorlands College.

Simon has worked for a youth charity called Catalyst Tavistock. Catalyst was commissioned by the local churches to provide resources for local young people. Catalyst works in schools and take RS lessons, assemblies, Lunchtime clubs such as CUs supporting the school and young people. One of the most challenging and rewarding activities for Simon was helping with the school’s inclusion Hub where he spent an hour each week with a year 8 lad working as a mentor and we saw some amazing results.

He currently works in schools working alongside a local pastor running a lunchtime Christian Unions. In this particular case, he aims to help Christians young people with support and encouragement whilst they are at school. He also helps to run an after school drop in and a another drop in where a number of young people go to.

He has worked as a youth pastor for two years at a local Baptist church running clubs, events and summer camps. He has even taken a team of young people to Mexico to build a house for a family living in poverty.

Simon has also been an instructor for the annual Ten Tors event. He sees real benefits for young people who do this event and is very encouraged to see local schools still entering teams.